Manufacture of decorative watches

Manufacturing of decorative watches.

Since ancient times, people have been thinking about measuring the time of day. The most primitive devices for counting down time was an ordinary rope with knots or a plank with notches, where they simply noted the number of days that had passed. Next, a sundial was used, a little later water, fire, sand and finally, the first clock clockwise appeared in 1577.

Now the watch is of great importance not only as a device that shows time, but also as a part of the taste and dignity of a person. The clock has long ceased to perform only its basic function, they have become an integral part of the style and personality of a person or interior.

The use of decorative clocks in the design of interiors is a powerful design solution that can not go unnoticed. Decorative watches will always attract attention, because they can be made according to the design of any room and even in a single copy.

The watch can be ordered under any style (retro, classic, abstraction, modern, hi-tech ..), any shape, size, and make of any material.

Very beautiful and interesting look wall clocks for children. They can be made in the form of a favorite cartoon hero or put it on the clock face. Figures and arrows can also be depicted according to the main motif of the fairy tale.

The bedroom is beautifully decorated with a watch that will bring a romantic mood to the room. They can be decorated with various natural prints, flowers and other decorative elements that are right for you.

Cafes, bars, restaurants are particularly interesting decorative clock, because they can be done a step, without departing from the design of the institution, plus the clock can be an additional carrier of advertising.

Also, such hours in offices are irreplaceable. It can be a clock with the company’s name, logo, motto, working slogan that will undoubtedly lead to a better mood for the work and the results of the team.

Hours made to order, can become an original, exclusive gift, which will be remembered for a long time. After all, you can make a watch according to the tastes, specifics and special talents of a person.

Our company will make for you decorative watches of any complexity, clearly following your wishes. The watch case can be made of any material – plastic, wood, plywood, acrylic. It is also possible to combine materials. Our own equipment will be able to display any shape of the clock – round, square or curved, and our specialists will help with professional advice.

And in the end, we recall the phrase of the famous Greek philosopher Theophrastus: “Time is the most precious of all means.”

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