Manufacturing of wooden and plywood postcards

What for us is an invariable attribute of any holiday? Of course, the gift is original, memorable. However, there are such holidays, when to give a serious gift simply out of place, and therefore we always resort to the help of our constant “helpers” – postcards.

Today, postcards are printed massively – millions of different versions in almost any store. Postcards with various logos, colorful drawings, ready-made text greetings (poems, toasts, etc.). However, it is a shame that you have already decided everything for you in advance. And there is nothing more than buying a ready-made “set” of drawings, wishes. And where are the feelings? And for more original and savvy greeters, there is one cool way to congratulate a loved one in a unique way.

Laser engraving of wooden cards: features

Yes, yes, indeed – in the congratulation of a loved one you can use such a distant, seemingly laser. It is engraving with the help of laser equipment, and wooden postcards have recently gained a lot of popularity among young people. Surprisingly, the first wooden postcard was found since the First World War. Of course, about any laser and speech then could not be. But the very fact of such originality can not amaze.

Here are a few basic advantages of wooden cards with laser engraving:

  • such wooden greeting accessories are very durable. Agree, a paper postcard quickly crumbles, if it is not stored carefully, but even in this case it will eventually turn into a wiped cardboard;
  • your friend, friend, mom, dad, colleague and all the other close friends who you present such a gift, will be able to use a wooden card as a cup stand. If this is a large-format postcard, then you can put on it and a plate or in general – use it as a tray. Indeed, the universal thing;
  • and of course, the most important advantage of such cards is freedom of thought and creativity, when you can personally write on postcards all the necessary wishes, create your own design yourself. This is expensive – it will be nice for you and your loved one.

Here such interesting possibilities are opened with use of “laser” postcards from a tree.

Production features

High precision laser equipment is used for production. With the help of such laser technology it is possible to create engraving of absolutely any complexity – to put a logo, any text, a picture of any complexity. In addition, laser plants allow you to experiment with color and hues – somewhere to reduce the tone, somewhere to add, make the text more vivid, and the logo and drawing are lighter. In other words, for the congratulator – a whole lot of options and opportunities. In addition, any type of tree can be used for engraving. For example, one that is most close to someone you give a postcard. It can be alder, linden, cedar, pine and many other breeds. Fantasy can also manifest itself in the creation of a postcard shape, its dimensions, thickness and many other parameters.

Thus, the creation of a postcard with the help of laser engraving is a truly independent work that does not look like mass variants of countless monotonous cardboard cards. With the help of engraving you can surprise, amaze and many more things to make pleasant for your loved one.

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