Cup holders

Making cupholders

The importance of advertising in the modern world is enormous, and the task of each company is not lost among all the abundance of proposals. One of the unobtrusive, memorable and inexpensive methods of advertising of any product are cup holders (stands under cups, fire, birdekeli). Coasters, in this case, will act not only as a carrier of advertising, but also as a practical thing – after all, they perfectly protect the table surface from hot temperatures or accidentally spilled liquid. This is especially common in cafes, bars and restaurants. Although the small size of the cup holder allows their distribution at various exhibitions, with the help of a mailing list, as souvenir tabs in magazines and even as an individual, non-binding present. Gifted cup holders are not usually discarded and continue to be used for their intended purpose, while at the same time regularly recalling your products or services. Cup holders are great for promoting a new brand, because very often they find themselves in completely unexpected places.

Produce cup holders, in most cases, square, round or oval, although some customers prefer non-standard forms – in the form of disks, shoes, puzzles, sandwiches, and other things. The material for manufacturing, most often, is a thick or beer (with enhanced absorbency) cardboard, cork, natural wood, plastic. Text, advertising slogans and images are applied using silk screen printing and engraving, more rarely – embossing.

The most universal for making cup holders is laser equipment. With the help of a laser machine, it is possible to very quickly and effectively cut out stands, of any shape and practically from any material, and also to engrave the necessary text or image.

Our company has its own laser equipment, which allows you to fulfill your order with minimum expenses. An experienced designer, if necessary, will help with the design or adapt your sketch to work with the machine. And the qualified personnel having a wide experience of work at processing of various materials, quickly and qualitatively will carry out the conceived.

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